Sunday, January 10, 2010

Government False-flag Operations and Operation Northwoods

In Naval history, the use of the false-flag was for the purpose of deceiving enemy vessels in order to seek strategic advantage. A navy ship would tactically hoist and display a friendly-nation flag on its mast to deceive other ships sharing the same waters. Once the false-flag bearing ship came within strategic striking distance and while being maneuvered to advantage, the false-flag would suddenly be lowered and the ship’s true flag hoisted just at the very moment the ship’s cannons unleashed their fury on the unsuspecting enemy ship. The raising of the true flag of origin was somehow labeled as an honorable gesture prior to the commencement of hostile action. 

Today, there are many variations on this theme and more often than not the honorable gestures of a by-gone era have been abandoned because the righteousness of the attack is most often suspect before it even begins. 

How are the false-flag antics of government any different than rival street gang activity where acts of murder, mayhem, and vandalism are carried out, on public or private property, while leaving the spray-painted tag or colors (flag) of another gang at the scene of the crime in order to divert attention away from and disguise the true nature and origin of the activity? 

If violent false-flag activities are legal for governments to do, why aren’t they legal for street gangs? By what perverted moral code do we judge such heinous acts on the basis of who commits them? Is it not the act, itself, that should be questioned and judged rather than the standing and status of the perpetrator? 

Conspiracy theories abound proposing the possibility that Lee Harvey Oswald wasn’t a lone gunman in the assassination of President John F. Kennedy and that Oswald may have been secretly sponsored to be the lone-nut fall-guy for an operation conceived within the highest levels of our very own government. Is to think or consider the possibility that our own government could be responsible for such devilry an act of treason? 

What were once seemingly wild-eyed tin-foil hat speculations appear to have some basis in reality based on declassified documents released by our very own government. These documents implicate our own government in the planning of schemes significantly more heinous and despicable than the assassination of a president.  If we told you that our very own military, at the highest levels, have concocted false-flag strategies involving the purposeful attacking and murdering of U.S. citizens, in order to incite the American people to go to war with a foreign nation, would you believe us? Yes, our very own government has conceived plans involving such attacks on its own citizenry, under a false-flag pretense, for the purpose of inciting Americans to hatred and state organized violence against people in other lands. This is hate crime at its worst. 

This begs a question. If our very own government has conceived of such plans, in the past, how many times have they already carried them out or directly sponsored such activity? Could our very own government have been involved, directly or indirectly, in the Murrah building bombing in Oklahoma City or the 911 attacks? Could our very own government plan the sacrifice of its own citizenry and simply write the exercise off as being a form of collateral damage in the “grand scheme” of things? Yes, history shows this is true. 

We would encourage the reader to type in the words 
Operation Northwoods into their favorite search engine and do their own due diligence on this topic of false-flag operations. And why would we encourage such an effort? Many place far too much trust in government to protect them from the so-called Axis of Evil. Understanding the MIND of Empire is critical in escaping its mischief. Understanding the MIND of Empire facilitates making better choices more closely aligned with reality rather than being fooled by false perceptions craftily conceived and foisted on us by others desiring to control our thoughts and energies for their benefit.

Governments are in the business of managing perceptions and truth has historically been the first casualty of such activity. Don’t take our word for it. Check out 
Operation Northwoods and draw your own conclusions. It may be viewed at the following URL:

It is about a six minute read and will be time well spent as it will permanently alter your view of government and additionally empower the reader to assess current events, as depicted by mainstream media, through a more useful filter.

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